Another day, another series to get completely lost in. I love characters who return to something that is not what they remember – it harks back to all those Van Damme movies I used to love. There’s kind of a purity to the setup, which appeals to me on a grand scale. 

Enter Quinn Colson, Army Ranger on leave who comes back home to find that everything has gone to hell, and that the cooking going on around town ain’t the kind you get on Great British Bake Off. 

These emotionally wounded yet hard-as-nails characters have always been a source of fascination – when certain facets of your character are so spot on, but in other ways you are in the dark ages. It’s the juxtaposition that creates drama all by itself.

To say I’m enjoying it would be an understatement, and it moves at a speed that urges you to keep up. Only got 70 pages left, and they are at serious risk of being wiped out before morning is over.