Morte Point


The Second Ben Bracken Thriller and sequel to ‘A Wanted Man’

Morte Point is a wonderful spot for a holiday. Only that’s not why Ben Bracken is here.

He’s here because in this sleepy part of England, events are now unfolding that could cause death and mayhem, and not just for the unfortunates in the plane that has just crashed into the sea off the North Devon coast.

Sent to locate the source of the problem, ex-soldier and patriot Ben finds himself both hunter and hunted. But who is after him, and why do they want to capture him so desperately?

It’s only when, on the edge of physical and mental exhaustion, he meets a young Kosovan microbiologist, that he begins to understand the scale of the plot he has been drawn into, and the weight of responsibility that the authorities have placed on his shoulders. So it’s probably just as well they don’t know about his slightly shady past.

But then, as Ben is rapidly finding out, those in authority aren’t always what they seem, either.

Morte Point is an original, non-stop action tale with twists and turns that will keep you enthralled from start to finish, and a memorable lead character who is far from the typical action hero. Fans of Lee Child and Andy McNab will be hooked!

Praise for Morte Point

‘Cool hero – check. Cinematic action – check. Parker’s got it all covered.’ – Peter Beck, bestselling author of Damnation

‘Morte Point is top drawer entertainment; the writing’s as punchy and precise as a prize fighter in the ring, with a weaving plot and an ending to die for. Expect violence and testosterone but laced with self-depreciating black humour; awesome.’ – Gary Donnelly, author of Blood will be Born