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I have a little 4 year old daughter, and, let me tell you, I have to watch some dross. Like mind-eroding, braincell-slurring, anger-baiting dross. So it’s just awesome when she gets into something good. 

I know I am far from the target audience for this sort of thing, but she has been watching this show called Zack and Quack on Nickelodeon for a while now, and it’s just really nice! Mild-mannered, cute and happy. 

But the main reason I like it is the inventiveness of animation. Essentially the show is set in a pop-up book, with endless creativity and possibilities afforded by craftsmanship and, you guessed it, pop ups. The animation itself is lovely, and the design of the world they have created, embracing both its limitations and lack of limitations, is joyous.

I just really like it. It revels on the endless possibilities of imagination and creation, and is gorgeous to look at. Get your kids onto it!

Gosh that’s nostalgia up there! That’s the first image from the new Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie, CGI’d up for modern audiences. And it looks so lovely! Exactly like you would hope a respectful modernisation would do, from the quaint asymmetry of the little fence, right down to the two characters. We are in no doubt who they are, and I use that word again – lovely! As a daddy I can’t wait to introduce my little one to this.