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Old Faithful

Nice recent family sunshine holiday enhanced by enjoying a favourite author’s standalone work. 

The thing with CJ Box is that he’s so reliable that I don’t even see it as expenditure when I order his books – I know it’s going to be what I’m after. It’s a happiness investment. 

This was a cracker, with a plot/characters that could be from next year’s biggest movie blockbuster. 

It has become a very happy yearly tradition, every March. Spring is springing and a new Joe Pickett book arrives. Such a welcome return that with each visit brings something new, I’m hooked and happy again. As readable as ever, I feel a genuine pang of happiness to be reunited with these characters – and this is the 16th book in the series! If you’ve not come across the Pickett books before, do get it sorted. You won’t regret it.