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Top speed smashing through the second Quinn Colson book, The Lost Ones, which is part of another series that has quickly become a must-have, go-to, reliably excellent joy. 

This one snags the parental heartstrings, as a child trafficking network is uncovered, but it’s really the strong protagonists that push this along at speed – and the settings once again find themselves pushed right to the top of places that must be seen before I die.

So, onto Hold The Dark by William Giraldi. Read about 20 pages of this before bed, and left me unable to settle for ages. Haven’t a clue where this is going to go really, only that I expect it to deepen in terms of its matter-of-fact brutality and unflinching blackness. As a father of two young children, certain aspects are quite hard to read, but that’s more indicative of my sensitive constitution than anything else. Scared to pick it up again, in so many ways, but already feel myself reaching for it…