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REVIEW: ‘Run And Hide’ by Alan McDermott

DlMdiUJW0AEV-hQI’d been a fan of Alan McDermott’s work for some time, having got hooked on the high-octane, pure thrills of his excellent Tom Gray series – so when I was afforded the opportunity of an early read of his new book, Run and Hide, I leapt at the chance.

This is the first book of an all new series featuring Eva Driscoll, an ex-operative for the US government, who plummets headlong into the shady conspiratorial world at the top of the American power structures. Simply, her brother is dead, and she wants to know why – and avenge him.

She is a marvellous creation – a leather-clad, highly-trained, woman-of-mass-destruction with guts, grit and smarts. The plot that she uncovers, and the circumstances under which her brother’s death was arranged, I found both enthralling and highly topical, with the nature and responsibility of power one of the key issues explored.

The book moves along breathlessly, yanking the reader with a firm grip, as forces circle on Eva and her cohorts. I got the firm sense that McDermott is not just creating a world for his characters to maraud through, but expanding on the wider literary world he has created, with the welcome return of certain characters from his other works.

As we progress to the kind of conclusion most blockbuster movies wouldn’t have the chutzpah to even attempt, I found myself asking broader questions of myself and my own feelings on the question of taking orders and executing them without asking for an explanation – and what the effects of your instructed actions can have in the long term. I thought of the power distant hands carry, keeping clean while the dirty work is done at a comfortable distance, and what the costs of this are. In the modern political climate, it was without doubt a thought-provoking read.

In summary, Run and Hide, is full-throttle, topically-prescient entertainment of the highest order. Driscoll is a new creation that will have you rooting for her without question or pause, and will earn a great number of fans, old and new – and I’m personally delighted to see that the follow up, Seek and Destroy, is coming November 14th… because after that ending, I need to find out what happens and sharpish.

Run and Hide is published by Thomas and Mercer and is available here:


‘Apex’ progress, and what’s coming next!

‘Apex’ progress, and what’s coming next!

Apex kindle cover july 2014

Good day all! 

Thank you all so much for your support with the second Ben Bracken book, ‘Apex’. I always tend to get a little overwhelmed by the kind words reviews and comments, not to mention very very humbled. 

‘Apex’ has already achieved everything I wanted it to achieve, and that is certainly down to the wonderful support myself and the project receive on a daily basis. A number of review…

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Morning all! ‘Apex’ the second Ben Bracken novel, is out April 21st. So… fancy the blurb? Of course you do!

‘Something is coming to Great Britain. Something of significant value and of large scale implications. Something deadly. It is wanted by many parties, with a variety of intentions. Most of them bad.

A plane drops from the heavens into the warm afternoon sea off the coast of Devon, near the famous Morte Point, near Woolacombe. And waiting for it? Ben Bracken, the enigmatic, highly-trained, conflicted, convicted, patriotic avenger. He is supposed to be in prison, but he broke out to be there for great britain. Or at least his version of it. And he’s really got his hands full this time.

Bracken has one shot at intercepting the deadly cargo, but what is it? And who wants it badly enough to crash a plane to get their hands on it? Bracken must draw on every last scrap of his training and trademark resilience, if he is to keep one step ahead of the corrupt forces that will do anything to get what they need

A breathless chase to protect Great Britain, Apex is the second Ben Bracken adventure, and the sequel to the Amazon Crime Fiction Top Ten Best Seller ‘The Baby And The Brandy’.’