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So relieved… finally saw Godzilla (2014). I am completely bemused by kicking it got in some circles – I found the film to be elegant, exciting, beautifully composed, well-staged and huge in scale. I really enjoyed it and found it streets ahead of its peers, whose reliance on the wham-bam money shot serves as nothing more than eye candy – whereas the massive visuals here tell the story first and foremost. Godzilla and co here are characters, not pixels, and it lends the film a grace that the genre rarely sees. Loved it. Perhaps modern audiences – and critics – don’t know how lucky they are at times.

I’m nailed on as a monster movie fan. Always have been always will be. These movies always seem to take place in a certain set of locations, with a certain set of themes, so it’s actually really refreshing to see one set in the Middle East, not to mention including what looks to be some very topical themes. Some of this trailer just looks beautiful, so it will be very interesting to see how this one pans out. I believe it is premiering at the London Film Festival in November, so will be watching closely.