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Whizzed through Long Way Home by Eva Dolan, which was such an assured debut. Loved to bits the setting, which wistfully reminded me of long drives down A-roads to get to Norfolk in my youth. Those flat fenland plains were the perfect setting for the story, which was so gripping, and crackled at the current affairs landscape with an urgency that I’ve not come across in while. Eva’s follow up, which came out last week, has been added to my reading list and I can’t wait for it to come round.

Now positively inhaling Chasing The Dead by Tim Weaver, the first of the David Raker thrillers, and I know it won’t last long. I just love it. The speed, tone, and pressing urgency all have me entranced. The central character, Raker, is one that I can immediately identify with, and after only half a page I knew I’m in this series for the long haul. So happy as well to see that there are four more in the series – I sense a binge coming on. Happy days!

Happy New Year, you filthy animals! Hope Christmas and New Year approached you in pack formation and pincered you in a joint headlock of glee.

The holiday period has been so jammed that I haven’t been able to read as much as I’d like BUT…

Finished the luxuriously nuanced tale of An English Ghost Story by Kim Newman, and went straight into Carnosaur by Harry Adam Knight (John Brosnan’s pseudonym). The tonal shift could literally not have been more severe, but I found Carnosaur an absolute RIOT. As a big fan of dinosaurs in fiction, non-fiction and film, it kind of appealed to me on all sorts of different levels, but my word was it fun. Light, fast and easy to read, you’re thrown straight in at the deep end and the book just whizzes by. I’m going to have to dig out the film now…

Moved straight from that to the much-vaunted Long Way Home by Eva Dolan, which I’m now about halfway through. I assure you, the fuss is justified. It’s gripping in all the right ways, and surprising and enthralling to boot. It feels like the work of an old literary hand, sure and steady, but this is Dolan’s debut. What a career she has ahead of her, and her releases will surely be ones I will look out for for years to come.