Caught this movie the other night – VHS 2. I love found footage horror stuff, so I’ve quite enjoyed the VHS films I’ve seen so far. I also dig that each segment in the films is directed by a different director, so you get a bunch of different styles, themes and techniques, meaning you get quite a lot of variety for your money with these films. But, yeah… VHS 2 features a segment that was pretty grim. 

Confession time: I’m not all that keen on aliens. Not the big daft toothy ones you’d get in like Aliens or Predator (which I actually love) but those awful, pale, spindly humanoid ones. Grey and sick, with weird intentions. It started when I was a kid, with ET, and now as a verified grown up I still get a churn in my stomach when I see stuff like that.

So the above clip really didn’t go down that well. It’s atmospheric, and really well staged. If it’s your bag, enjoy. I’m just going to check the door and windows are still locked (for the 76th time).